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Who We Are


Opening in spring 2021, Cottage Culture is the newest division of Hensall-based Iceculture, a small-town company with a big reputation for creating stunning ice sculptures for clients around the world. With COVID-19, event and tourism industries were placed in a precarious position and our team reflected on the priorities that had surfaced during this time; comfort and happiness at home.  Cottage Culture began here, with an evaluation of our specific resources – a showroom and warehouse, a team dedicated to creativity and excellence, our international relationships and the magnificent countryside surrounding Hensall. 


Family-owned and operated, Cottage Culture is dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor furniture with the individual attention and care you can expect from a small business. We are lucky enough to be located in picturesque Huron County, which boasts some of the most beautiful countryside and lakefront properties that Ontario has to offer.


Every outdoor collection we offer has been carefully selected for its character, style and quality.  Along with our selection of furniture, Cottage Culture offers a beautiful range of complementary products to embellish your outdoor home – hand-picked items that exude comfort, quality and unique character.


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Our Service Values

Conscientious delivery and assembly services – offered free within 45km of our showroom.


Inventory available in Hensall so you can enjoy your choices this season.


Professional & enthusiastic staff to assist from the showroom to your cottage.


Convenient hours and an option to book a private showing to suit your schedule.


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Collaboration with high-quality local and international brands.


Sourcing of uniquely stylish & practical furniture and cottage accessories.




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There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.


— Jane Austen

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We Share Brafab’s Commitment to Quality



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Customized for You

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All of our furniture is carefully thought out and can be adapted to your needs. Take note of the seat height, back angle and choice of materials next time you look at our furniture. You’ll notice how different it is from many other products on the market. What’s more, it’s equally resistant to the climate in Scandinavia as it is down south in the Mediterranean.


Elegant Solutions

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All of our furniture is colour coordinated. This means you can furnish your entire patio with matching furniture. We also have specially tailored furniture covers and maintenance products ideally suited to your particular selection.


Clever, Avant-garde designs

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Brafab is a trend-setter and market leader.  With simple and practical furniture that combines flexible layouts with avant-garde design, we make sure you don’t buy a product you risk getting bored with after just one season.


Sturdy Frames

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Almost all of our frames are made of aluminium – a material with many advantages; corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance-free, and is the perfect combination of light weight and high stability, making it easy to rearrange and store.


Long Lasting Materials

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Handcrafted synthetic rattan, ethically-sourced treated pine and teak, or easy-to-maintain plastic and aluminium make our furniture unique and durable. Brafab offers a three-year warranty



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All of our fabrics have consistently high UV resistance and withstand the sun’s rays well. They’re also made from materials that are durable and easy to clean.


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