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For over thirty years, Iceculture has been a world leader and innovator in creating magnificent ice sculptures of all sizes.  Some of our most popular are actually our smallest - our line of Craft Spheres, 2inch Cubes and shot glasses.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a trend in consumers focusing their attention on the finer details in improving their beverage experience and becoming more discerning in their ice cube choices as well. Iceculture decided to delve more deeply into the production of high-quality cocktail ice and the notion that the quality of cubed ice can affect the beverage experience. 

With that mission in mind, we introduced Hensall Ice Company – a new division dedicated to providing a premium cocktail and beverage experience, with a focus on quality, service and environmental sustainability.

We believe that ice can be better.

Cocktail ice

About Hensall Ice Company Cocktail Ice

The objective of Hensall Ice Company is to extend the exemplary quality and service that we have offered for years within our parent company, Iceculture, to create the finest, most consistent cocktail ice production process.

Combined with great service and environmentally friendly packaging, we want to offer our customers the best possible ice for their beverages.


Hensall Ice Company cocktail ice is made using a directional freezing process that produces uniform, crystal-clear pieces of ice, free of air bubbles or imperfections. This clarity also means your ice lasts longer – it melts slowly, reducing dilution.

Crescent Shaped

The smooth crescent-shaped cube has a rounded surface that maintains beverage carbonation and minimizes splash-back when pouring.

Environmentally Conscious 

Our cocktail ice is packaged in a heat-sealed, omni degradable bag – this means the bag will break down over time in any environment. You can discard the bag with your regular garbage knowing that it will decompose quickly and safely with no toxic remains.

Locally Crafted

As a small team based in the village of Hensall, we are proud to provide premium quality and excellent service with the personalized touch you can expect from a local, family-owned business. 

Craft cube

Craft Spheres, Cubes and Shot glasses

Each product is offered in a box of 12.  Each piece is individually wrapped in a PLA plant-based plastic bag that is fully biodegradable. And the box is recyclable.

Craft Ice Cubes

Elevate spirits and cocktails with a Craft Ice Cube - a stunningly clear 2” x 2” x 2” king-sized ice cube made by Iceculture, that will keep your drinks chilled longer without being watered down.

Craft Ice Spheres

An extraordinary and elegant alternative to a cube, the ice sphere is just more than 2in diameter and has less surface area than a cube, reducing the melt water in your premium spirit.  Its clarity is a result of air being removed in the freezing process that also makes the ice harder and slows melting.

Ice Shot Glasses

From cocktails to chilled appetizers, these 1 oz solid ice shot glasses add a creative twist to food and drinks. 

Shard Ice

Hensall Ice Company is proud to offer Iceculture shard ice which has long been popular in Huron County for cooling bottles, cans and kegs – large chunks of crystal-clear ice, that when mixed with water offer a long-lasting ice bath for chilling.

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