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Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your deck, patio or backyard involves great thought and we at Cottage Culture are committed to helping you make the right decision for your outdoor space.  We have provided some information online but we encourage you to visit our Hensall Showroom and sit in everything.


What is comfortable or suitable for one person’s deck can vary greatly from another’s.  Considerations such as layout, wind, maintenance, storage space, frequency of use are a must.  But there are additional considerations that vary by family such as the mobility of the people using the seat, how you entertain and even whether children and pets will be sharing the space with you.


We are pleased to create layout renderings for you to help visualize your preferred styles in your space so you can think about traffic flow and size footprint.


Should you wish to purchase larger furniture through our shop, we will contact you regarding shipping options to figure the best method depending on the item and your location.  We have been asked to ship as far as the Caribbean and we are grateful for opportunity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask questions about purchasing your furniture online or to arrange a showroom visit if our hours are not convenient for you. 

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