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Bamboo Straws - 6pk with brush

Did you know more than half a billion plastic straws are used every day worldwide? Eliminate single-use plastic straws with multi-use bamboo. Reusable, sustainable, compostable, fair trade. Each straw varies in width for different types of drinks, and has a unique saying naturally-pressed into the straw (pressed with a hand press, without the use of chemicals). And each pack of 6 has a unique combination of straws.


Sayings include: no fear, bamboo is here; pokoloko planet protector; pollution sucks; waste not, drink more; thirsty for change; plastic draws the short straw; sustainable hydration station; sustainable slurp; bamboozle the polluters; sustainability is tubular; you’re ex-straw-dinary; the last straw; it was the thirst of times; the less pollution solution; feel the straw power; graceful not wasteful; biodegradable revolution; i think before i drink; plastic is drastic; you're strawsome.


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each straw 7.8in long
each straw 20cm long
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