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24in Modern Cube Fire Pit

Available in just one size, the Modern Cube is a unique fire pit with a deep fire bowl and tall sides. The modern shape and small footprint fit well into an urban backyard, but could be used in almost any setting. There are airflow slots in the floor, so even though the Cube has a deep pit it still burns great. The Cube is a super sturdy fire pit, made with our signature 1/4" thick steel and welded solid. A major benefit of a prefab fire pit, the Cube included, that's often overlooked is the ability to move the pit if you need to reclaim your beautiful patio for some other purpose. You can get the cube with our standard options, including a Spark Screen, Steel Table Top, and Small Fire Grate.


Pairing suggestions for the Modern Cube


To compliment the clean lines and modern aestheic of this fire pit we recommend the Battlford Modular Line , the Pollux Lounge Chair, as well as the

Kira Lounge Chair.


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1/4in Thick Steel 24in dia.x 36in h (with spark screen) x 20in h (without spark screen)
635cm Thick Steel 70cm dia x 91.4cm h (with spark screen) x 50.8cm h (without spark screen) .635cm
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