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3ft Octagonal Cottager Fire Pit

This is the original Iron Embers fire pit and comes loaded with features to enhance your campfire experience. The raised fire bowl radiates heat down onto your feet and water drainage/ airflow slots in the floor keep your fire pit clear of rainwater and burning strong. There's even a 1/2" hole in the floor to allow for a user-installed gas burner. The rod rings on the Cottager let you place cast iron pans on the rim for cooking, or use the outer ring as a footrest while the fire's burning. The Cottager is the only fire pit that comes standard with an Attachment Adapter, which is a little invention of ours that lets your connect a BBQ grill quickly and easily. Check out the configurator to see the many great options we've developed. Fits medium fire grate.

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41.5in dia. (otter ring) 36in (bowl )x 15in h, 1/4in Approx. Steel Thickness | 8 1/2in Pit Depth
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