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3ft Polygon Fire Bowl

A uniquely shaped open fire pit.

The Polygon Fire Bowl is a simple but elegantly designed open fire fit that is both sturdy and functional.  It is uniquely shaped with 32 flat triangular side faces that create a faceted contemporary aesthetic.


Built with 1/4" thick steel, the Polygon Bowl is raised on steel legs making it a stunning centrepiece for any patio or backyard lounge setting, which radiates heat down to keep your legs warm all night.  There are small water drainage holes in the corners of the floor to prevent rainwater from collecting. 


Compared to other Iron Ember fire pits, it's worth noting that the Polygon Bowl is smaller than the Cottager of the same named size; a 3ft diameter Polygon Bowl will hold less wood than a 3ft Cottager.


Available by Special Order:

  • Other sizes – 2ft or 4ft diameter are also available
  • Grill adapter – can be added at the time of order to be able to use the Adjustable Grill or BBQ plate Grill
  • Personalize your fire pit with a family name cut in one of the panels


  • Fire Grate – small – will raise the wood up off the floor of the fire pit to allow more air to fuel the fire, leading to a cleaner burn
  • Spark Screens – available with single panel door, double panel door or no door
  • Grills – note that a grill adaptor has to be added at the time of special order
    • Adjustable Grill is a sleek BBQ attachment for your fire pit. It uses a cantilever lock to be infinitely adjustable and is made from food-grade stainless steel. Requires a grill adapter.
    • The BBQ Plate Grill adds cooking functionality to your Iron Embers fire pit. Because of its a fixed height design, it’s sturdy enough to support large pots and pans over the fire. Requires a grill adapter.
  • Tarp covers – This vinyl cover will help protect your investment, keeping your fire pit looking great for years to come. Double-stitched for longevity, and handcrafted by our team in Guelph, ON
  • Steel lid -  a hard cover that neatly converts your fire pit into a sleek coffee table, while containing the ashes and protecting your pit
  • Tamarack Log Holder – a stylish fireside solution for managing your firewood. This log holder makes a practical addition for use with indoor fireplaces and wood stoves. Available in four sizes.
  • Matte black touch up paint - Remove rust, seal scratches, and forget fading with Iron Embers touch-up paint. Restore your fire pit and accessories with an exact match aerosol paint that delivers professional results for maintenance jobs!

Built to Last Generations

  • Backed by a solid 10-year guarantee and built from 1/4" steel, we stand behind each and every transaction to ensure you have an amazing experience for decades to come.
  • All season durability.
  • 10-year guarantee.
  • Hand-crafted in Canada.

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33.3in Width x 14in h | 3.1 ft³ Fire Volume | 1/4in Approx. Steel Thickness | 8in Pit Depth
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