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Tamarack Log Holder - 3'

Have your firewood at the ready with a Tamarack Log Holder. This stylish solution for fireside organization is welded of 1/8" thick steel and painted with a matte black paint.  The 3' Tamarack Log Holder is the perfect fit for a mid-sized outdoor fire pit

and holds enough wood to keep a good fire going in your firepit without having to grab more wood from the pile.


For outdoor use, consider a Steel Lid or Tarp Cover to keep your wood dry and ready to burn.  Contact the helpful staff at Cottage Culture to order these accessories.


The gentle sloping lines create an eyecatching design making the Tamarack Log Holder a great choice for indoor use. 


Weight : 35lbs (15.9 kg)


Steel Thickness: 1/8" (3.2mm)


Wood Capacity: 0.185 face cords

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36W x 14D x 20H inches
91.5W x 35.5D x 51H centimeters
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