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Mia - Alpaca Sweater - Oatmeal

A good sweater should last. A favourite sweater is one that lasts and that you always reach for. This is an heriloom quality and all-season essential sweater.


With deep open pockets and rounded shoulders, the Mia sweater has a versatile style infused with the Peruvian textile artistry. Alpaca has a stretchy silky nature to it, so this one-size sweateris able to fit many different types of bodies making it the perfect sweater to have on hand at the cottage for company when they find it cool in evening around the fire. 


The Mia sweater is a medium length making it the perfect Fall or Spring transition coat and a year-round sweater. 


Made for cozy comfort the Mia sweater makes you feel good in timeless style.

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one size fits most
one size fits most
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