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Turin Backless Bench

Add welcoming warmth to your deck with a classic design in sustainable teak.

The Turin backless bench adds a classic and elegant depth to your outdoor space.  It can sit subtly against a wall or behind a sofa for extra table top space for plants, books or hors d’oeurves and turn instantly into additional seating when needed.  When added to the end of a dining table, it can offer seating for two at a casual dinner.


Whether you are going for an all-teak natural look or mixing materials for a more relaxed approach to your outdoor space, teak adds a welcoming warmth. Teak’s warm colour fits with any décor or colour palette and exudes an unassuming, calming vibe.


Teak, a natural wood, may vary in appearance, and this is also what lends this popular furniture its charm and character. Seat cushions can be easily added for added comfort for lingering moments or to add colour to the space.


Turin offers endless possibilities to combine pieces in a way that perfectly meets your needs.  To complement this backless bench, there is the 2-seater with back and a dining chair, giving flexible seating options that are all foldable and easily moved.  This makes it easy to furnish spontaneous seating requirements or increase the seating options as a group expands.


This same functional design makes Turin perfect for small spaces such as balconies or kitchen nooks as each piece can be folded and placed out of the way


Some of our favourite combinations:

  • Mix the Turin Backless Bench with the muted colours of the Battleford low lounge group.  
  • Pair it easily with other teak deigns such as our Hassel Collection or Kira occasional chair. 
  • Adds warmth to more modern aluminum lines such as the Hillmond or Nimes Dining tables, softening the natural coolness of the metal. 


A Note about Teak.  Teak is one of the most durable, strong, and – some would say, the most beautiful wood for outdoor furniture. To protect wild teak, Brafab only uses cultivated and certified teak. Due to its natural oil content, it can be used outdoor year after year, allowing it to turn its natural silvery shade of grey over time. Alternatively, a wood protector can be used for added protection while still allowing for the charm of the natual silvery grey, or it can be maintained as one would their marine teak. With a bit of care, your gorgeous teak furniture can be passed from one generation to the next and will only become more beautiful with time.


To store outdoor furniture for the winter, make sure furniture is dry before you put it away for winter.  Wood furniture in particular must be dry before it is covered with a tarp or cover.  Covers or tarps should also be prevented from resting against flat wooden surfaces such as tabletops ie. Allow for ventilation by placing a bucket on top of the table before covering it. 



41.3 x 15.75 x 17.75in h

105 x 40 x 45cm h





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41.3 x 15.75 x 17.75in h
105 x 40 x 45cm h
teak basic natural
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