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Laurion Dining Table

A handsome teak dining table with subtle and elevated detail.

Versatile and generous at 7.5 feet long (230cm), it is both a solid family table that beckons stories and mellow memories and a welcoming table for entertaining exuding a soft warmth for laughter and friendship.


The powder coated matte black frame gives a strong modern twist to the natural teak table top that is characterized by a unique design of nestled obique, tapered teak boards - exquisite craftsmanship. The thick, finely grained teak table top has to be felt to appreciate the smooth texture.  Visit our showroom to pull up one of the many dining chairs that compliments this versatile table.


Teak wood is the most durable, and – many would say – the most beautiful wood for outdoor furniture.  With the right care, it can be used outside year after year, due to its natural oil content.  Teak’s own natural oils maintain the wood’s strength and is so strong that even slender parts can withstand heavy loads.  To protect wild teak, Brafab only uses cultivated and certified teak.


Synthetic rattan armchairs shift the table into a luxurious, airy style for lingering dinners that last for hours.  Colourful aluminum chairs lend a casual and playful appeal to the Laurion, while maintaining an elegant style.  For porches and sunrooms, nothing says classic grace than pairing teak with real rattan.  And of course teak chairs in various styles abound – folding, stacking with or without colourful cushions.  This table is as versatile as it is strong.


Other special order products available in the Laurion Collection include options for dining tables in two sizes - 70.8 in (180 cm) and 39.3 in (100cm), bench, coffee table – all with the option of a black aluminum frame or an all-teak frame.



90.5 x 39 x 28.5in

230 x 100 x 73cm



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90.5 x 39 x 28.5in
230 x 100 x 73cm
Teak Basic Natural (-8 Black Matte legs)
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