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Kotte Stool Black Broad 80cm dia.

A broad ottoman that offers stylish flexibility to a seating group.

The broad Kotte outdoor ottoman is a structured and comfortable pouf that works beautifully as a stylish foot rest, an extra coffee table when entertaining or as flexible seating.  Constructed in durable olefin fabric with all-weather foam this piece is functional as well as versatile.  This wider Kotte comes in nearly black and is 80cm in diameter.


This ottoman is a wonderful way to create a spontaneous, playful seat in an established lounge group, whenever needed.  With the broad style, there is added flexibility in your seating arrangement since more people can sit all around its circumference. There is a single handle sewn into the top seem, making it easy to move around and position for those much needed put-your-feet-up moments.


The colours of the Kotte line centres around elegance - understated colours that fit the Scandinavian colour palette and pair well with many of our other lines.  Nearly black works with most of the Cottage Culture line up and can contribute to your outdoor spaces as a feature or as an understated layered element. Add a Feno tray and you instantly have another serving space.  A nearly black Kotte pouf is the equivalent of the little black dress - everyone needs one and they always look great.


Although its appearance looks fabulous indoors, the Kotte is constructed with all-weather foam, covered in olefin fabric for the outdoor elements.  All-weather refers to a foam cushion that dries quickly after a rain. These cushions let the water flow through and have an opening that allows for ventilation.  Olefin fabric is a solution-dyed fabric that has been upcycled.  Upcycling is a process used to create materials that were once thought to be waste products.  In addition, olefin is inherently stain resistant - once the thread is made, it will not take a dye or stain. 


This kind of functional accessory makes your outdoor space feel cozy and relaxed while also welcoming company with an added seat.   



19.7 x 19.25in h

50 dia. x 40cm h



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31.5in dia. x 15.75in h
80 dia. x 40cm h
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