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Sofas & Sectionals

Cottage Culture has selected a range of outdoor lounge seating options to suit a range of styles and functionality including modular lines, outdoor sectionals and straight sofas.  Our selection includes outdoor seating that ranges in seat height, seat depth and seat back height.


Our materials and colours range also, while complimenting the Scandinavian aesthetic that focuses on neutrals that offer a solid base from which to design your outdoor space. From real rattan and synthetic wicker options to painted aluminum and stainless steel.  Colour options vary by line but most of our lines compliment one another to achieve either a matching look or a more layered one, depending on your style.


Outdoor modular seating offers you great flexibility to design the space very specifically to your needs and even to change it depending on how you intend to use your space from season to season or event to event.


Sectionals create fabulous conversational areas and pair well with matching or occasional armchairs for a multi-faceted lounge space.


Straight sofas are great for smaller spaces OR for to create dynamic layouts for larger areas by placing sofas across from one another.  For those who love to entertain, a straight sofa framed by two armchairs on either side creates a fantastic focal point for gatherings with family and friends.


Cushion comfort is another important consideration when assessing your outdoor furniture needs.  For those who sit upright, a firm cushion might be preferred.  Even injuries can factor into these choices.  For those who like to curl up, a deeper and lower seat with a softer cushion might be the way to go.


Cottage Culture is pleased to offer our layout rendering service to help you visualize how your preferred pieces fit in your space to suit function, style and traffic flow.

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