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Iron Embers Fire Pits

Canadian-made fire pits, built to last for generations to come.


Cottage Culture is proud to be a distributor for this Canadian fire pit company.  Their unique design and quality craftsmanship fits with the experience that we aim to bring our clientele at Cottage Culture. Our goal is to elevate your outdoor experience and Iron Embers shares in this mission.


Consider the irreplaceable allure of fire and then combine this with a stunning structure.  Iron Embers offers fire pits that bring your friends and family together for generations to come.  We agree with their claim that they are the best fire pits on the market.


Iron Embers is Canadian owned and operated by three brothers in Guelph, Ontario - who wanted to build a better fire pit through commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials.  Their successful growth story is not unique.  Like any passionate endeavour, they are growing because they take painstaking care to make a quality product.  What is unique is their design.


They offer a variety of fire pit selections each fabricated from precision laser cut parts.  Designs have been developed carefully over a decade to deliver a fire pit with perfect proportions that are a pleasure to use – functional and beautiful.  Accessories fit simply and are purpose-built for each model and for full functionality.


Built to Last Generations

  • Backed by a solid 10-year guarantee and built from 1/4" steel, we stand behind each and every transaction to ensure you have an amazing experience for decades to come.
  • All season durability
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Hand-crafted in Canada

Cottage Culture has curated a line of Iron Embers Fire Pits that fit with our outdoor furniture design.  However the design of your outdoor space must take into account many factors, the way you utilize you space being the most important.  The aesthetic of your home or cottage, the landscaping and event safety must all be considered.  We carry a few of the Iron Embers’ collection, ready to be enjoyed right away.  However, we can also assist with an order and delivery of a different design if we don’t have the your choice available in our warehouse.  Simply contact us with the piece you are looking for and we will confirm order time and prices for you.


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