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Ambon Corner Piece - Anthracite

Stylish comfort with striking simplicity in its design.

The modern look of the Ambon series is truly unique and boasts an original perspective on a traditional aluminum sectional.  Available in white or anthracite with grey cushions, the Ambon can stand alone or provide a fabulous canvas for more colour. 


The style speaks for itself – the horizontal band detail adds a weighty framework for the design and the angled thin metal back and armrests look fantastic – even from the back! From a construction point, there are few parts.  From a comfort perspective, the cushions are deep with firm support and at a good height for sitting comfortably - the seat height is 18in (46cm).


The Ambon cushions are constructed with all-weather foam, covered in olefin fabric for the outdoor elements.  All-weather refers to a foam cushion that dries quickly after a rain. These cushions let the water flow through and have an opening that allows for ventilation.  Olefin fabric is a solution-dyed fabric that has been upcycled.  Upcycling is a process used to create materials that were once thought to be waste products.  In addition, olefin is inherently stain resistant - once the thread is made, it will not take a dye or stain. 


Located on Lake Huron, we are familiar with strong breezy days and many of our customers are looking for heavier pieces.  Customers in high rise condos must also consider wind forces.  And although Mother Nature seems content at testing us regularly, the Ambon is a weight piece.  As a sectional, the 3-piece set weighs in at over 100Kg.


The Ambon series offers flexibility for seating layouts.  This lounge group can be put together as a long banquette sofa at 126in (320cm) for a stunning focal point. Faced with complimentary lounge chairs such as the Vevi or The Weldon, the look becomes even more interesting and allows for varying conversational groupings.  Brafab’s outdoor furniture lines are designed for pairing different lines together to create a more creative and layered look. 


Alternatively, a smaller 8ft (245cm) sofa is perfect for decks and patios requiring a linear 3-seat sofa.  In addition, we’ve used the corner piece as a unique open lounge chairs for a modern feel.   And we never forget about the L-shaped sectional – traditional in layout and yet far from it when you look at the design.  In white the sofa feels fresh and modern and in anthracite, the piece exudes luxe subtly.  The Ambon is perfect for spaces where the back is visible because it is such a striking design.



33 x 33 x 29.5in

85 x 85 x 74cm





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33 x 33 x 29.5in
85 x 85 x 74cm
Anthracite (07 Pearl Grey Cushions), White (07 Pearl Grey Cushions)
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