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10 Unique Ways to use Wicker in your Home Design

10 Unique Ways to Use Wicker in your Home Design


Written by Ryan Castillo

With its centuries-old weaving technique and organic textures, wicker offers a delightful way to infuse warmth and character into the living spaces of your home. From a coastal-inspired oasis to a bohemian retreat to a classic and inviting atmosphere, wicker seamlessly adapts to a diverse range of interior styles. In this Redfin article, we will explore the versatility and allure of wicker furniture, decor accents, and even textured wallpapers that can breathe new life into your home. So whether you’re looking to rent an apartment in Indianapolis or purchase a home in Charleston, discover the beauty of this age-old craftsmanship and uncover how wicker can elevate your home’s design.



What is wicker and how to apply it to your home

Wicker is a versatile and time-honored material used to craft furniture, baskets, and various decorative items. “Wicker furniture and accessories are made from natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, or reed. It brings an organic and earthy vibe to your living space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere,” says Santa Barbara Interiors.


Creating wicker involves intertwining these flexible materials into intricate patterns, often forming a strong and lightweight structure. Wicker’s history can be traced back to ancient Egypt, and its popularity has endured through the ages due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.


“Wicker and rattan are popular choices for interior design as these materials are lightweight, durable, and add natural texture to the home,” shares Morgan Desquenne of 3DVIA. “Wicker and rattan can be used in various ways, from side chairs to coffee tables to poofs, stools, and even bed frames.”


CASS Design Co. notes, “Our best tip to use wicker in a way that elevates your space versus making it feel dated is to use it sparingly. Think accent pieces like lighting, side tables, side chairs or benches, or even vases. When you add these pieces here and there, it adds an element of warmth and interest. If it’s overdone, like an entire matching set, there isn’t as much visual interest.”


Here are 10 more ways to easily include wicker design in your home.



1. Wicker Planters

Wicker planters are stylish and functional containers specifically designed for holding and showcasing plants, flowers, and herbs. 


“Bring a touch of nature indoors by using wicker planters to display your favorite houseplants. These planters can be placed on window sills, shelves, or even hung from the ceiling to create an eye-catching display. The combination of green foliage and the earthy tones of wicker creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere in your home,” notes Wicker Guides.


2. Wicker Lighting

Wicker lighting fixtures bring nature-inspired aesthetics and warm illumination to any living space. Whether in pendant lights, chandeliers, or table lamps, these fixtures cast beautiful patterns of light and shadows that infuse the room with a cozy and inviting ambiance.


“Wicker lighting is a great way to create ambiance,” notes Cottage Culture. “The natural fibers of the lamp soften and warm the space while the soft cascading pattern of light that falls from a chandelier truly sets a mood. Don’t have space for a chandelier? Try a wicker floor lamp to add interest to your space.”


3. Wicker Headboards

Wicker headboards offer rustic charm to bedroom decor, adding texture and warmth to the overall ambiance. Their woven design, typically crafted from materials like rattan or willow, provides a lightweight and airy feel while still serving as a sturdy and supportive backdrop for the bed.


Bree Kotwitz of Wicker Baskt says to, “Give your bedroom a touch of bohemian charm by incorporating a wicker headboard. The natural texture of wicker adds a cozy and inviting feel to the room, especially when paired with soft bedding and neutral tones to create a serene and stylish haven.”


4. Wicker Coffee Tables

Wicker coffee tables are eye-catching pieces of furniture. “An easy way to add wicker into your home is through a coffee table tray. Add a cute book and plant, and you’ve got a beautiful vignette,” says NB Design Group.


5. Wicker Trunks

Wicker trunks come in various sizes, from small decorative pieces to larger storage containers, making them suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or even outdoor spaces.


Kim Turner, Principal and Designer at Kim Turner Design, and Advancement Director at Dwell with Dignity notes, “A wicker trunk placed at the foot of a bed serves as an excellent storage solution for extra bedding. In a guest room, it provides a convenient space to stash additional blankets for those who might feel chilly during the night. It also allows you to include extra pillows with varying firmness levels, offering guests a personalized and comfortable sleeping experience.”


6. Wicker Chairs

Wicker chairs are classic seating options that combine comfort, style, and natural elegance. With their lightweight yet durable construction, wicker chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


“Place wicker chairs in your living room, paired with plush cushions to create a cozy reading corner,” recommends Zen Candles Design. “Opt for neutral colors like cream, beige, or pastel hues to create a cohesive look that is both serene and sophisticated.”


7. Wicker Panels and Wallpaper

Wicker panels and wallpaper are innovative and stylish ways to incorporate the natural appeal of wicker into interior design without the need for actual woven materials. 


“Make a striking first impression by covering an accent wall with woven wicker panels or textured wicker wallpaper,” says Lori of Our Repurposed Home. “ Wrap some old books with wicker wallpaper sheets and place them on a shelf and a few plants in wicker baskets. It will give your arrangement some texture and interest. Cover your traditional painted stair risers with wicker panels or wallpaper, adding a unique and unexpected twist to your staircase.”


8. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. “They are the perfect solution for storing items around the house while presenting an aesthetically pleasing decor element. Store blankets, toys, and more in any room while hiding out of view in decorative wicker baskets,” notes Lauren Tieru of Paige & Rye.


9. Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture comes in various forms, including chairs, sofas, dining sets, loungers, and more, catering to different seating and entertainment needs. Its timeless and versatile design allows it to blend seamlessly with various outdoor settings, from garden patios and balconies to poolside areas and porches. 


“Wicker is a great option for outdoor furniture,” notes Tara Rydl, Mom Can Do Anything. “I love my outdoor living space with a wicker couch and wicker swivel chairs. As long as I keep it covered during the winter months, it wears well and holds up nicely.”  


10. Indoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker indoor furniture brings a charming and natural touch to interior spaces, infusing them with warmth and texture. Due to its lightweight and versatile nature, wicker furniture can easily move around to suit various arrangements and decor styles. Wicker chairs and sofas are often paired with cushions and upholstery for enhanced comfort and a personalized touch. 


“Most think of coastal design or outdoor design when they think of using wicker or rattan, but like wood, wicker can warm up any interior space and add some needed texture so a space doesn’t feel cold,” explains ReAbode. “Don’t be afraid to use wicker or rattan furniture indoors mixed with other contemporary furniture, especially with a cool color scheme of blues and greens – a chair or coffee table can add some much-needed warmth and texture.” 



Angela Roth at 3:42 PM
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Decorating for the holidays with a Scandi vibe

Decorating for the holidays with a Scandi vibe


I am in love with Scandinavian design! The minimalist, clean look incorporated with warm hues of nature speaks to me. When it comes to the winter months I am drawn even more to the Scandi vibe. I think this may come from my aversion to the dreary winter months and my constantly looking for ways to bring light and warmth into my home during this cold grey season.  With this in mind I thought this year, I would delve more into decorating my home in a Scandi vibe for the holiday season. The simplicity and coziness of the Scandinavian Christmas décor creates a peacefulness (that I think we all need at some point during the holidays).


Here are some decorating tips for a Scandi Christmas vibe to help you bring some peaceful Scandi bliss into your home this holiday season.


  1. Lots of white.  As with year-round Scandinavian design white is the main feature. White is traditionally used in Scandinavian interiors to reflect the natural light and spread the light around the home during the long cold winter months. Strings of white beads on Christmas trees along with handmade crochet snowflake ornaments would be one way to infuse white into your Scandi Christmas decorating. Since it is the holiday season be sure to add in pops of colour, red is always a sure-fire fit! Be sure to create contrast and depth by adding pops of black, maybe with candle holders or with your dinnerware when setting the holiday table.

  2. Light natural wood. Woods such as beech, pine and ash are commonly used in Scandinavian design. This carries through with Christmas décor in the way of strings of wooden beads for the Christmas tree, dough bowls used as table décor and even wall décor of various forms. Handmade wooden carvings of horses placed with a sprig of greenery or a little bow placed around the home creates a quick and easy Scandi Christmas décor.

  3. Texture. Texture, texture, texture, this is what brings in the warmth when decorating.  The Scandi vibe includes sheepskins anywhere you can use them, chunky knit throws and felt décor pieces. A basket filled with throws and sheepskins placed by the couch in the living room screams “come sit, be cozy!” And cozy is yet another element of Scandi design and maybe one of the main elements! I am sure you have word of the word Hygee. This is the Danish and Norwegian word that loosely translated means coziness and comfort, a feeling of well-being and contentment. Textured pieces create this coziness.  Felt bowls filled with extra Christmas tree decorations placed on a shelf or as a center piece or even the use of felt coasters add a layer of texture creating the cozy vibe.

  4. Lighting. Nothing creates a mood more than lighting and this is especially true with the Scandi vibe.  The white base of your Scandi design is there to help reflect the light as the available daylight is in short demand. Candles are a must have when you are creating a Scandi Christmas. Candles give you height when used in your table décor and create such a warm and welcoming vibe when lit. There is truly something special about enjoying a meal over candlelight. Another lighting element to consider when you are thinking about your Christmas décor is twinkle lights, a must have for any Christmas decorating. I love the simplicity of the lighted bare branch trees in white either on their own or clustered in a group in a corner. You can choose to hang a few simple red ornaments on them for a festive flare or leave them bare, either looks great and creates a warm feeling. Need help adding light to that far corner of the room? Maybe a textured floor lamp on a dimmer switch would help create the feeling you are looking for? I love the Midway floor lamp; the handwoven rattan floor lamp instantly adds warmth to a corner even when it is not lit up! When the floor lamp is turned on the cascading rays of light on the floor add yet another design element.

  5. Greenery. Bring the outside in! Natural elements are a main principle of Scandi design. Sprigs of evergreen are a must have in Christmas Scandi décor. A simple branch hung on the wall is a great place to display your collection of Christmas cards and well wishes from friends and family. A small evergreen sprig with a tied bow of twine placed at each table setting on top of a linen napkin is great way to incorporate nature into your dining table décor.

    Potted plants throughout the home is another Scandinavian design element. To carry this design element through the holiday season, use smaller potted evergreens placed throughout your home. Placed on the foyer table or kitchen countertop these little saplings instantly create a natural holiday flare. These potted evergreens are readily available this time of season and bring a natural pop of colour and texture to the home. Not to mention, this is an environmentally friendly form of seasonal decorating as you can plant these evergreens around your home in the spring.

  6. Less is more. As with traditional Scandi design decluttering is key.  Clean lines and minimal adornment carry through to decorating for the holidays. You may find this an easy form of decorating but admittedly this is one of the hardest Scandi decorating tips for me to follow. I tend to decorate an area and leave a box in the room, for the next few days, every time I walk by the decorated area I “edit” taking some pieces away. By the end of the few days, I usually have the desired minimal look.

  7. Make it personal.  The holidays are all about family and traditions, don’t forget to incorporate this into your holiday decorating. Even if some items may not align with the Scandi vibe, if these pieces mean something to you it is important to have them in your space.  You want your indoor space to be as unique as you, this is what makes it special and memorable.

Angela Roth at 6:00 PM
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